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Preserving the cultural, historical and architectural heritage is imperative for Gold Sea.

Casa Haut is an icon of southern State Santa Catarina's cultural memory, with more than a century of tradition. It is a living image of times gone by, a heritage site for generations to come.



The Matão Reserve is an oasis in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, capital of Paraná state in the south of Brazil.

The property integrates the select portfolio of private areas identified by SPVS for the Reduced Deforestation Program.

This initiative reinforces, in concrete terms, the commitment of Gold Sea to sustainable development and respect for the environment.


Retrofit of the old Antarctica Brewery located in the traditional Mooca neighborhood of São Paulo.

Respecting the past with eyes to the future translates into a deep respect for people we are and the environment we live in.

Gold Sea and FII Stauros will give new meaning to this beautiful property built in the 19th century that still stands as an architectural and historical landmark in the city of São Paulo.


Vida Nova REIT is an initiative of Gold Sea's founder, Alexandre Caiado.


150 shareholders and the support of the largest housing cooperative in Latin America has led to the construction of a large real estate project

in São Paulo.

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