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Gold Sea is oriented towards optimizing as opposed to maximizing profits, always attentive to the way in which results are obtained. Our business model is based on the TBL (Triple Bottom Line) concept, aiming towards balance between economic, social and environmental aspects of the business.
Gold Sea values its partnerships, seeking opportunities without border restrictions. We join forces with partners and investors, always  maintaining a deep respect for the local culture by sharing experiences as foundation to build truly solid and authentic projects.

We are motivated by

ethical principles

and values




We are passionate about our projects



Gold Sea only devotes its efforts to projects we can truly be proud of. With ethics, commitment and transparency, we adopt the best practices of corporate governance in all stages of the process, from concept to implementation and operation. We value fair interactions and collaboration that reflect the purpose of each project.

We only invest in sustainable projects



Our company is truly committed to the sustainability and preservation of the environment. We believe that by acting ethically on social, cultural and historical issues, it is possible to produce a positive impact in the local community, ensuring that our vision remains intact and the results are lasting and steadfast.

We respect local resources


Following the upstream practices of sustainability, we use local resources and concepts in our projects, incorporating the whole local supply chain in the execution process.


We encourage local workforce and culture to participate in all stages of the process, from construction to asset operation. We believe that this constitutes the building blocks to long and prosperous relationships, based on recognition and the sense of belonging. 

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